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Sunday 25th October 2015: Scottish Charity Digs - Dighty Connect Dig at Lundie


Thursdays in August 2015: Walking & Drawing workshops with Dominique Cameron


Tuesday 2nd June 2015: Food for Free!


Thursday 28th May 2015: EDEN AGM and book launch of A day in the life of Fin the Dighty Burn by Nicky Wilkie


Saturday 25th April 2015: Dighty Spring Walk


Thursday 19th June 2014: Dighty Connect AGM


Wednesday 28th May 2014: Bioblitz with Michelin


Saturday 12th April 2014: Longhaugh Raceday


Thursday 16th January 2014: Longhaugh Racecourse Event planning evening.


Saturday 21st December 2013: Solstice Celebration


Monday 16th December 2013: Willow wreath making


Tuesday 12th November 2013: Story Sharing Evening


Saturday 26th October 2013: Nature Painting Workshop


Monday 14th and 28th October 2013: Cooking Workshop


Wednesday 25th of September 2013:  Red Cross First Aid Training


Wednesday 18th of September 2013: Food for Free!


Tuesday 3rd September 2013:  Butterfly and wildflower walk with naturalist Ian ford.  





Tuesday Conservation Group 9.30am-12pm,  Planting wildflowers, making ponds, removing invasive species, creating wildlife habitats etc.


Wednesday Wildlife Surveying 10am-12pm, Conducting wildlife and water surveys to monitor the health of the Dighty and surrounding areas.


Thursday Mosaic Group 1-3pm.  Creating gorgeous mosaic pieces such as benches and plaques.  We are currently making a series of milestones to be situated along the length of the Dighty.


First Tuesday of the month Eco Poetry Group  For anyone passionate about the natural environment, we take our inspiration from different locations along the Dighty burn.






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