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Sunday 25th October 2015: Scottish Charity Digs - Dighty Connect Dig at Lundie


Thursdays in August 2015: Walking & Drawing workshops with Dominique Cameron


Tuesday 2nd June 2015: Food for Free!


Thursday 28th May 2015: EDEN AGM and book launch of A day in the life of Fin the Dighty Burn by Nicky Wilkie


Saturday 25th April 2015: Dighty Spring Walk


Thursday 19th June 2014: Dighty Connect AGM


Wednesday 28th May 2014: Bioblitz with Michelin


Saturday 12th April 2014: Longhaugh Raceday


Thursday 16th January 2014: Longhaugh Racecourse Event planning evening.


Saturday 21st December 2013: Solstice Celebration


Monday 16th December 2013: Willow wreath making


Tuesday 12th November 2013: Story Sharing Evening


Saturday 26th October 2013: Nature Painting Workshop


Monday 14th and 28th October 2013: Cooking Workshop


Wednesday 25th of September 2013:  Red Cross First Aid Training


Wednesday 18th of September 2013: Food for Free!


Tuesday 3rd September 2013:  Butterfly and wildflower walk with naturalist Ian ford.  





Tuesday Conservation Group 9.30am-12pm,  Planting wildflowers, making ponds, removing invasive species, creating wildlife habitats etc.


Wednesday Wildlife Surveying 9.15am-12pm, Conducting wildlife and water surveys to monitor the health of the Dighty and surrounding areas.


Thursday Mosaic Group 1-3pm.  Creating gorgeous mosaic pieces such as benches and plaques.  We are currently making a series of milestones to be situated along the length of the Dighty.







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