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Resources - Training Tips


Walking, cycling and running instead of going by car can help you to get fit.


You might even want to use it to train up for an event.  On this page we will provide some tips that may be useful.  If you have some good advice which might help others, let us know, and we'll share it on the website.


Take it gently

If you’ve not been taking much exercise recently, you may find it’s quite tiring to start walking places, or to cycle.  Although the NHS advice is to undertake “brisk exercise”, you need to take time to build up to this.  Take it slowly – try one or two short walks or bike rides a week, gently build up your speed in weeks 2 and 3, and then increase the frequency gradually.


Listen to your body

It’s quite normal for your muscles to ache a bit when you’re exercising them for the first time in a while.  This should ease off in a couple of days.  However, if you feel any other pain or discomfort, you’re best to check with your G.P.  You should do this anyway if you’ve got any concerns about your health, such as high blood pressure.


Find a pal

Having someone else to chat to should make the exercise more enjoyable, and you can encourage each other to make a bit more effort, or to go out even if the weather’s not so good.


Set yourself a target or two

You’ll find you get on better if you set a long-term objective, perhaps for walking to work every day one week, or entering a 10k road race, or achieving a certain weight.  Then you can set out intermediate targets for each week or month, as milestones to reaching your objective.  These will help you get over the “can’t be bothered” feeling that we all get sometimes.


Think about joining a club

This isn’t for everyone, particularly as it can eat into your leisure time, but it can make a big difference to some people to get advice, encouragement and companionship from members of a walking, running or cycling club.  Check out the club details and links on this site.