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Stride Together


Enjoy walking and cycling with company!  Have a chat and encourage each other.


Most people enjoy a walk with a friend or with a group of people.  It's more fun and the exercise seems to help the conversation flow and stimulate ideas.  You can share your thoughts on the views and the area you're passing through, or how you're coping with the exercise.  This might just be informally with friends or as part of a club.



Going out with a friend, you can encourage each other when the going gets tough, or when one of you isn't feeling enthusiastic, maybe after a late night.  Often one person sets the pace for a while, then the other takes over.  It makes it easier to achieve whatever targets you've set for yourself.


Clubs can provide more expert advice and motivation, e.g. with qualified coaches at sports clubs.  You'll find out about events that you could take part in and hear from others what is involved.  And there's a lively social side to many of these clubs as well.


Community organisations and clubs can link up with Stride.


Lots of clubs already promote walking and cycling and would welcome new members.  Others could encourage members to walk or cycle to meetings, or share transport.


We’d be pleased to get together and discuss the possibilities, explain the beneifts of walking and cycling, and provide Travel Logs to help you achieve your goals.