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Stride to School


Walking or cycling to school is a great way to help children and young people to become fitter and more active - sometimes they just need a bit of encouragement. They don’t have to be alone and can arrange to walk or cycle with a friend (or get the bus in bad weather).  Spring is the perfect time of year to start.


Pupils can use their own Weekly Travel Log to record their achievements and see how all-round savings are made.  Children are recommended to have at least 60 minutes’ vigorous exercise, 5 days per week.


Stride will work with school management, parent and pupil councils, to implement School Travel Plans and assist with travel issues that have been problematic.  Reduced car use means the streets around the school should be quieter, safer and less polluted.


Pupils and staff should see the benefits, not only in having a fitter and more alert school, but in applying the knowledge and experience gained to areas of the curriculum and links to Eco Schools.


Active travel as a cross-curriculum education Marathon


Active Travel provides a very valuable theme for use through Curriculum for Excellence, as it addresses the practical experience of pupils and links into geography (maps and routes, urban geography, climate change, oil reserves) with health and biology (benefits of exercise), mathematics (applied to calculations of travel patterns, calories burned, savings on fuel, and CO2 impacts), and international studies (impacts of climate change).  We're happy to hear from teachers who would like suggestions for how to incorporate this into their lessons.


Not just for the kids!


School staff can also look for ways of cycling and walking more, or using public transport.  There should be opportunities to share lifts to and from work as well.


During 2010-11, with our CCF funding, we have been able to assist several schools in East Dundee and Monifieth with the purchase of bike racks and lockers, and we’ve subsidised the purchase of helmets and bike locks by school pupils.  We’ve also worked with classes on mapping exercises to find out how they currently get to school and helped organise BMX events to stimulate interest in cycling.   We intend to help schools build on this investment in 2011-12.