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One long forgotten piece of Dighty history was the popular, but short lived racecourse at Longhaugh. There are no physical remains today but it has been brought to life again by the Whitfield History Group who have researched its origins and early demise through newspaper clippings and other local history sources.  To view the Longhaugh "A Day at the Races" booklet, click the image on the left.


Dighty Connect are organising an event to celebrate the 90th anniversary  of this course.  A day out for all the family, we will have the story of the race meeting told through monologues written and read by local people - of the jockeys, bookies, race goers and local characters.  There will be dressing up and family photographs, hobby horse racing, singing from local groups, free food, and an opportunity to place some bets!  Saturday 12th April, 1-4pm, on the greenspace beside Longhagh Primary School, Whitfield, Dundee.


The map below shows the site of the racecourse, highlighted in red.



racecourse cover