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In October 2012, Dighty Connect took part in The Big Draw.  The theme was Line and the 13 bridges crossing the Dighty were the canvas.  Led by our arts worker Nicky Wilkie, and with the help of some fantastic volunteers we decorated the bridges in a way that reflected their location and form, creating beautiful lines across the burn  In total around 150 people took part in the project including groups from Baldragon Academy, Dundee International Women’s Centre, Bazorg group, Healthy Minds, Claverhouse Support for Learning groups, Pitkero Care Centre, Douglas mosaic group and local passers-by.  The project culminated with a public walk along the bridges to celebrate the creative work which included the use of  mosaic, weaving, decoupage, banners, dream catchers, knitting and bunting.


We have continued the transformation by working with Dundee College to repaint the bridges.  Many thanks to Steve Keenan and his students who have painted a third bridge in Finlathen Park - this one has been given a beautiful silver transformation!  




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