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Arbroath Road, A92

Much of Section 5 of the Dighty Heritage Trail follows the main Arbroath Road, which is a dual carriageway.  This isn't as bad as it sounds - there is a landscaped strip of land on the south side of the road, with a wide path which forms part of the Green Circular walking and cycling route around Dundee.  This continues east as far as East Balgillo Road, where the Green Circular turns right, but our Heritage Trail continues ahead.


This area is fortunate in having a network of dedicated cycle paths, but it does mean that cyclists and pedestrians have to watch out for each other and exercise caution.  This cycle path continues beside the A92 all the way to Arbroath, but it is also linked by the Green Circular with National Cycle Route No 1 which follows close to the coastline, also through Abroath.  And the Seven Arches viaduct over the Dighty carries another cycle path up to join the one along the Arbroath Road.


Ideally we would like the Heritage Trail to follow the banks of the Dighty from the back of Sainsbury's to the A92 bridge at Linlathen East Lodge.   However, this will require a footbridge to be built over the Murroes Burn, and some arrangement for access through a field with livestock.


Hence the optional detour set out in the Heritage Trail booklet, around Clearwater Park and over the two historic Linlathen iron bridges.  It's a bit further to walk, but adds interest to the route.  

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