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Aerial Photographs

(This is the first page to be added to the site to provide additional information to supplement the Dighty Heritage Trail booklet.  Copies of the booklet can be obtained from Dighty Connect at Broughty Ferry Library or Douglas Community Centre.)


Several aerial photographs are included in the booklet, showing the bleachworks as they were on 29 December 1927.  They show the full extent of the three main bleachworks that survived into the 20th century, at Claverhouse, Midmill (Cargill's Dundee Bleachworks), and Panmurefield.  


You can click on the links below to see larger-scale versions of each image, on the Britain from Above website, which has a fascinating collection of historical images from all over the country.  Many other images were taken on the same flight AFL2009, and these can be accessed using the "Other Dundee images" button.

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